Tips for Mom’s During the Postpardum Period

Here is a great list of things that new mom’s don’t think about during the postpartum period. Things such as issues with your skin, physical pain, losing your hair and the feeling like your stuck in a time warp. Everyone around you changes, and you miss it because the last 6 months feel like it’s only been a week. But it gets better ladies, and it’s totally worth the effort you put in.

What to Expect During the Postpartum Period

by Jodi Dillon on October 7, 2011

Well mom’s, there is a fine line between telling you what to expect after birth, and being brutally honest.  I can tell you that a lot of what I went through I didn’t expect or know to prepare myself for.  Everyone knows that pregnancy is not without its challenges, but I think future moms should know some of truths about the postpartum period.

Prepare your face for the worst.  Ok it’s not really that bad, but that glow on your face during pregnancy that was produced estrogen will be replaced with changing hormones, lack of sleep and the inability to partake in your regular skin routine.  But you can fix this by trying your best obviously to moisturize your face a couple times daily, and if you do get dark patches, use sun screen to accelerate the fading and it will all fade within a couple of weeks to a month after birth.

The physical pain after birth.  The pushing and labor was finally over, but I forgot / didn’t know about the uterus pain as it contracts back down to normal size.  It hurts less apparently after the first baby, but just be prepared for some crazy cramping.

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